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'Inside Amy Schumer' Season 2 Reviews

Over the course of the phenomenal sophomore season of "Inside Amy Schumer," I wrote weekly reviews, with this particular piece prompting a direct thank-you message to me from Amy herself.
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10 Reasons Why We Love '@midnight'

"Comedy nerds love to imagine two things: being best friends with their favorite comedians and becoming famous comedians themselves. On-air and online, @midnight gives fans the chance to feel like they're in the inner circle."

Bex Taylor-Klaus bites the bullet and lands dream role on AMC’s “The Killing”

"Her local theatrical training included two summers with Atlanta Workshop Players, a performing arts program that offers day camps for young people. One of her counselors was Daniel Platzman, now on tour as the drummer for the Top 40 band Imagine Dragons. 'She was definitely one of the kids who stood out,' Platzman said of Taylor-Klaus. 'She grasped all the concepts really quickly. I am not surprised by her success at all.'"

In an era of streaming movies online, Videodrome still walks to the beat of its own drum

"Videodrome has movie sections you certainly wouldn’t find at Kroger — or most anywhere else, for that matter. Along with British comedy, silent film, ’70s crime and martial arts, you’ll find themes like Japanese ghost story, graffiti documentary, puppet art, cult musical and fixed-gear bike messenger."

Whether you know her or not, you likely know the voice of Susan Bennett

"If you own a recent iPhone and you have questions, Siri has answers. That is, until you get personal.

'Siri, who does your voice?'

'It’s a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, tied with a pretty ribbon of obfuscation,' a voice from the phone responds. 'Designed in California.'

I press further.

'Are you friends with Susan Bennett?'

'No comment.'

"As a child...[Hayes] dreamed of becoming a marine biologist — 'What kid at age 10 doesn’t want to be a marine biologist?' — until a trip to New York City and a ticket to see 'Les Miserables' inspired her to swap SCUBA gear for greasepaint."

"Duck Dodgers" Promotional Tagline

When Cartoon Network launched its new "Duck Dodgers" series, I wrote the campaign's tagline--"If He's Our Future, We're History"--which was used across on-air, online and print media.

"The Powerpuff Girls Movie" Consumer Products Style Guide

"As the girls explore their newfound powers, their misguided enthusiasm and brash attitude get them into more trouble than they're ready to tackle."

"Sidekick Search" Cartoon Network Magazine

In the debut issue of Cartoon Network Magazine, I wrote a word search focused on sidekicks that included a riddle to be answered by unscrambling the remaining letters.
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6 Questions to Ask Your Obstetrician About Vaginal Delivery vs. C-Section

"C-section deliveries have become much more common in the United States, up from 5% in 1970 to nearly one-third (32%) of all births today. However, some experts are questioning whether the procedure may be used too frequently, unnecessarily putting women and their babies at increased risk for complications."

Healthgrades 2018 Patient Sentiment Analysis

"While providers  rightly focus on patient outcomes as a measure of quality, this new analysis reflects a patient population that doesn’t  just want to see a doctor; they want to be seen."